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Bridal Expos are Great Inspiration for Brides and Grooms

If you're engaged and in the throws of planning a wedding then there is no better place to go than to a Bridal Expo. Sure, all you grooms are thinking "I'll just send my bride-to-be," but you'll be shocked to learn that we think you should go too.

It's natural to assume that bridal shows and wedding expos are just for brides, but grooms can get lots out of these events as well - reason being, a bridal expo is a fun intro to all there is to think about when it comes to planning your wedding and since most guys are clueless (we say that with love), an expo is a way for you to get a flavor for all that goes into planning a wedding.

Mostly, a good wedding expo can serve to get you excited about getting married and spark ideas you never thought of or that you never thought you cared about. The free cake and booze are an added incentive.

Here are some great reasons why bridal expos are so fun:

1. The Samples - Bridal expos have tons of fun take-aways! From wedding favors, to beauty products, to beauty enhancement items, wedding magazines to other wedding related trinkets - you name it and you'll be collecting it at a bridal show.

2. The Cake - Cake tasting is a big part of many bridal shows and the bigger the show, the more cake you can taste.

3. The Booze - Some wedding expos have alcohol vendors where the champagne can be flowing and in some cases tiny bottle favors for you to take.

4. Ideas - That's right, you might just get a new one for planning your wedding. Get inspired by colors, table settings, flowers and themes you perhaps never considered.

5. Music- Most expos have music, dj's and song list resources.

6. Bridal Dresses - Plenty of bridal dresses and sometimes even a bridal fashion show are featured at bridal expos.

7. Groom Tuxedos - Far less vendors are usually present for the groom, but there are always a handful of tuxedo, suit or tie companies.

8. Connecting with Wedding Vendors- Expos are a terrific opportunity to talk with actual wedding vendors about their services and how they might be able to help with your wedding.

9. Contests and Give-Aways - Many of the hotel, travel, photography vendors hold raffles and contests where you can win great prizes. You can win anything from a honeymoon to a photography session to a few nights in a hotel - but you won't know unless you go.

10. The Swag Bag - Lots of goodies and free stuff for you to take home. And grooms, your future bride will be oh so thankful you are there to carry the increasingly heavy bag of swag.