Lucky Couples Tie the Knot on 777

When Eva Longoria and Tony Parker got engaged last year and announced their wedding date as July 7 2007, they were not alone. June and July are typically the biggest months of the year to tie the knot, but the Luckiest Day of the year is about to outshine them all. With an estimated 38,000 couples preparing to say "I Do" on July 7, 2007 this Lucky 7 day will clearly be one of the biggest Knot tying Wedding days of all time!

Seven has long been a lucky number. Triple that and you get three times your luck. Who hasn't tried their luck at the Lucky 7s slot machines in Vegas or bet Lucky 7s on numerous other gambling venues. With all that alleged luck, brides and grooms getting married on 777 hope that they too will fill their lives and marriage with a little something extra and be lucky in love 'til death do they part. They didn't call it 7 brides for 7 brothers for nothing! Not to mention that getting married on 777 not only makes you lucky in love but pretty much guarantees you'll GET lucky too!

Where they're doing it:

It should be no surprise that a majority of those 07-07-07 nuptials will be held in the gambling capital of the world - Las Vegas. If you've planned a trip there on this day and are not getting married - you might want to consider a day trip to the Grand Canyon or risk being stampeded by Lucky brides and grooms on the way to the alter or the Elvis Chapel of Love. 

And speaking of gambling kinds of towns, Macau is up there with Vegas as top towns to roll the dice with a Lucky 777 wedding.

Gay? Las Vegas is hosting a mass gay wedding event called 'Our Love' on July 5, 2007 - two days prior to the luckiest day of the year for gay and lesbian couples who wish to tie the knot and commit to each other for life.

Not invited to a 777 wedding? Hey this is the premiere opportunity for wedding crashers coast to coast! Whether you're an amateur wedding crasher or a professional wedding crasher, this is the day to turn your tricks! Make Owen and Vince proud and score yourself some cake and booty as well!

What to give them:

What do you give the couple who is this lucky in love? Plenty of unique 777 wedding gifts to be found or get creative – give the bride and groom seven of something, $777 dollars cash, a list of 777 wedding tips, a wedding dish signed by 777 of their closest friends.  

No matter where you are on July 7 2007 or whether or not you’re tying the knot or in a knot of traffic, enjoy the luckiest day and bet on the fact that good things will happen!