Wedding Cruises - Getting Married on a Cruise Ship

There are a lot of different cruise wedding packages available but how what do couples need to know before getting married on a cruise ship?

Planning in advance is critical and there are several points to consider if you're thinking about tying the knot on the high seas.

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What is your wedding cruise budget?

Like weddings on land the costs of wedding cruises run the gamut from affordable to over-the-top. The good thing is, even if you do not have thousands of dollars to spend on your wedding, you can still pull off a wedding at sea.
Keep in mind that you will have two major expenses: The costs for the wedding itself and the costs for the cruise. The total amount of money you have to spend on your wedding depends on the number of guests, the grade cabin, possible shore excursions and how many days your cruise should last.

When do you want to sail?

Of course this also depends on the cruise location/route. So whether you want to go on a Caribbean cruise or sail through the glaciers in Alaska - you need to find the best time to go there. And this is actually the next point:

Where do you want to sail?

Although the most popular wedding cruise are tours in the Caribbean, all seven continents can be discovered. If you consider, however, combining wedding and honeymoon you should visit picturesque ports in the Mediterranean.

Do you want some unique options for a cruise wedding?

If you don't want to do something everyone does but you want to do something you will always remember you should check out some unique options. Several cruise lines that sail the Caribbean offer staying at a private island. Or if you are more the adventurous type of couple, you could also choose a wetsuit wedding beside the Flowrider or a wedding atop an Alaskan glacier, where you are transported to via helicopter.

Other cruise suggestions:

You don't even have to go on a wedding cruise to get married! Just let you drop off at a picturesque spot and get married there! You can even go on a submarine tour or if you like you just put on your wetsuit and get married under water.

Do you want friends and family to sail with you or simply to attend your ship wedding and then disembark?

First, you are only expected to bear the costs for your own passage, ceremony and reception. The couple does not have to compensate for the costs of all the guests. They are expected to pay for their own passage.

How much time does it take to plan a cruise wedding?

Let's just say: First come, first served. To ensure you get the cruise and cabin you want you should plan and book as far in advance as possible.

Which travel agency will you book at?

Of course there are a bunch of different travel agencies that offer many different tours and packages. The one you choose should meet your entire expectations. Here are some renowned cruise lines:

- Norwegian Cruise Lines
- Princess Cruises
- Radisson Seven Seas Cruise Line
- Holland-American Cruise Line
- Celebrity Cruises
- Oceania Cruises

Do you need important documentation?

Yes. You need, depending on where you want to go, a valid passport. Also, in some countries you also need to have a visa. But don't worry, your travel agency will assist you in preparing your documentation and also in finding a good priest.

But no matter which wedding cruise or destination you choose, it will be a memorable day for the two of you - with or without family and friends.


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