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Wedding Planning Tips for Grooms - A few pointers for drama-free wedding planning.

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Wedding Planning Tips for Grooms

You've popped the question "Will You Marry Me?" and she said "Yes." Now the wedding fun begins! And by fun we mean wedding planning.

Groom's attitudes towards wedding planning are as different as the grooms themselves. Some grooms want to be involved in all the minutia and other grooms are happy to give all control to their bride. No matter which camp you fall in, grooms will want to follow some basic tips when it comes to wedding planning to make it as smooth a process as possible.

1. Go with her to the Bridal Expo - Yes, we said it. When she tells you about the bridal expo she wants to attend and asks if you want to go with her, we advise you say yes, as much as you want to say no. The reason being, a bridal expo is a fun introduction to all there is to think about when it comes to planning your wedding and since most guys are clueless (we say that with love), an expo is a way for you to get a flavor for all that goes into this event. It's a great way to get you excited about getting married and will likely spark ideas you never thought of or that you never thought you cared about. The free cake tastings and give-aways are an added incentive.

2. Pick your Battles Boys - if there is a wedding detail that is a deal-breaker for you, tell your bride as soon as wedding plans begin. The longer you wait to say what you want, the less likely it is that your wishes will be granted. You and your bride-to-be should talk about your wedding visions before bringing others into the conversation so you are both on the same page with how you want your big day to be and you are united in your vision.

4. Just Say Yes - but use this approach sparingly, as saying it for everything can come off as insincere. Use your wit and charm, give your honest opinion, and then concede to your bride's opinion - but at least look like you carefully considered the detail at hand.

5. Make a Trade - you might not give a flying fruit about the chair coverings at the reception or the font used on the table cards, but if apple chancery and silk embroidered chair covers are of vital importance to your bride you can use this wedding item to your advantage. And we mean that in the nicest way possible. Say you have a grunge band you love and you would die to have them play at your wedding...after all not everyone needs to hire a wedding singer...barter with the bride-to-be, she gets flower power and you get band booking rights.

6. The "C" Word: Compromise - In the end wedding planning is like marriage, it's all about compromise. So if you view your wedding planning journey as an introduction to your life planning journey you are already ahead of the game.


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